Gospel Communities on Mission

What is a Gospel Community on Mission?

A gospel community on mission is a group of people who are learning to follow Jesus together in a way that renews their city. They aren’t fancy. In fact, they can be a pretty messy community of everyday citizens who are devoted to Jesus, to one another, and to their neighbors.

A gospel community on mission is our way to organize the church to gather for spiritual growth and send groups of people on a common mission to love the city.

Our communities exist because of the gospel. We all find ourselves individually and communally growing into a deeper understanding and application of the gospel. From this source, we are taking the gospel to the neighborhood, our city and our world through intentional missional engagement. These intentional communities center themselves on the truth of the gospel.

Our Gospel Communities in the City

West Portland

Sylvan Gospel Community. Meets regularly Wednesday evenings. They are pursuing the shared mission of loving and caring for homeless in the city and families with special needs.

Downtown Gospel Community. Meets regularly on Wednesday evenings in northwest and downtown Portland. They are sharing mission to love those at risk or coming out of human trafficking.

Southeast Portland

Cherry Park Community. Meets regularly on Sunday afternoons as they seek to love and care for vulnerable children in foster care.

Richmond Community. This community meets regularly on Wednesday evenings.  They are pursuing a shared mission in caring for refugees in their part of the city.

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Northeast Portland

Maywood Park Gospel Community. Meets regularly on Wednesday evenings. They are seeking to love their neighbors and those living outside through involvement with Union Gospel Mission.

Cully-Montavilla Community. Meets regularly on Thursday evenings. They are seeking and praying for how God would like them to serve the vulnerable in their part of the city.

Youth Gospel Community (YGC)

A gospel community just for youth! This community meets on Sunday evenings from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm. Each meeting starts with a meal that includes parents, then the leaders break off with the youth for a lesson. Please email us at info@breadandwine.org for more information.

Church Plants

Kaleo  This was the first missional community of a church plant Bread&Wine is supporting. They meet regularly on Thursdays in the Roseway neighborhood. Learn more on their website.

Salt & Light Communities This is the first church plant that came from a Bread & Wine Gospel Community. They meet every Monday at 6:30pm. Learn more on their website.

Joining a Gospel Community on Mission

Choosing a gospel community usually comes down to a few factors.

1. Relational connection.

Maybe you have already connected to someone in Bread&Wine and their GC might be a good place to start.

2. Where you live.

It’s always easier to be in community if you don’t have to “commute” to it. 

3. The people a community serves.

Each gospel community has a common area of service they are engaging, whether it is caring for refugees, foster children, recovery and their families, or victims of human trafficking. Many times, people choose to engage a community based on who they are compelled to serve.   

Connected With A Community