Gospel Community Training

Gospel Community Leader Training

Gospel communities on mission are one of the core structures in our church (alongside our Gatherings and DNA groups). These intentional communities are beautiful, messy, and honestly, difficult to lead–especially if you aren’t trained and prepared well. Our Gospel Community Leader Training is designed to be a comprehensive step in developing leaders. This training is learning by doing, learning by self-reflecting, learning by lecture, and learning in discussion. Furthermore we will focus on spiritual growth and personal development as well as vision, structures, and tools that help create communities centered on the gospel and on mission.

The next training will be an all-day (9am-3pm) training on Saturday, September 17th.


The objectives for this training:

  • Understand the vision, purpose, structure, and process of gospel communities on mission.
  • Create a personal development plan for growing in spiritual formation, practice, and mission.
  • Grow in awareness of calling, gifting, and leadership perspective. Also, know what a GC leader’s role is.
  • Participate in a “psuedo” gospel community (share a meal and practice communal disciplines of grace).
  • Walk through a process that prepares you to start and lead a gospel community.



  • Attend the Essentials Class (Next one is August 28th)
  • Commit to be at the entire training. (The whole thing is important!)
  • Do the reading and reflection time (about 4 hours total)
  • Costs $10. This includes a book (Sent Together), custom leader’s journal, food, and good times.
  • Commit to a follow-up coaching session with an elder and/or Bread&Wine coach.



What if I’m not 100% sure I want to start/lead a Gospel Community? Come anyway, this will be very clarifying. Registering doesn’t commit you to leadership, but it will, at the very least, be fruitful as you participate in a community.

What if I’ve been leading for years? This training will be a blessing for you and enriching. There are things you probably don’t know or have forgotten and we are certain it will be very energizing for you to be around lots of leaders learning and growing together.

What about my children? Because this will be an all-day training, we will not provide childcare, but could help find babysitters that can come to your house.


September 2016 Registration

This is the registration for the all-day training on Saturday in September 17th to equip current and future gospel community co-leaders.
  • General Contact Information

  • Logistics

  • We'll have breakfast and lunch together!
  • Commitment

  • 9am to 3pm
  • About 100 pages of reading and about 2 hours of reflection time.
  • A sit down with one of our GC Leader Coaches to process with you one-on-one (or with your co-leaders) scheduled at your convenience.
  • This helps with the costs of books, journals, and food.