We partner with multiple churches in Portland to collaborate on initiatives in service, orphan care, artist showcases, and more. Every year over 70 churches come together for the sake of city-wide prayer (,

We also participate in the hosting and facilitating of trainings and equipping opportunities with churches throughout the city who are starting gospel communities on mission. This collective consists of quarterly and annual trainings with churches like Solid Rock, Mosaic, Roots, Missio, and many others. To learn more about participating in our MC Learnings contact us at



Fellowship Associates–
Fellowship Associates is a 10 month church planting residency program designed to equip and prepare church planters. We are closely connected with this ever-growing network of church-planting churches. Every year Fellowship Associates sends out 3-4 church planting teams throughout the world.

Acts Twentynine–
Acts Twentynine is a network of gospel-centered/missional/reformed churches, who, for the sake of Jesus and the gospel, plant new churches across the United States with the goal of seeing many changed by the power of the gospel.

Soma North America–
Soma is a family of churches across North America who are committed to making disciples who make disciples to the glory of God. Together we are seeking to create a movement of gospel communities on mission that saturates cities with the gospel.


In obedience to Christ’s command to make disciples of all nations (Matt 28:19-20), we have a commitment to international church planting and have prayerfully decided to focus our efforts in one major city, in the most unreached country in the World…Pune, India. New ideas are shaped in the city and spread to surrounding regions. Population density is itself an argument for focusing efforts in cities. When more people are present, more people hear the gospel. Pune has been coined “The Oxford of East” boasting upwards of 250,000 college students. Pune is emerging as a city with disproportionate influence and figures to be central in India’s developing future. Planting a church internationally is a holistic endeavor. It requires some who will go, many who will invest/mobilize, and a church that will pray. We are committed to seeing a church planting hub established in Pune that will plant churches to join in the advancement of the Kingdom of God in India.
We have established partnerships with three organizations in Pune and have begun work on two primary fronts: orphan care and church planting.