Church Planting in Portland

Our vision is to be a church that multiplies disciples, communities, and churches. We hope to see a growing network of gospel communities in Portland as well new churches started in our city. Read more about how we partner with other churches to see this happen.

Multiplying Churches in the City

Portland doesn’t need just one church, but multiple churches working together to seek the good of the city and share the gospel. We see ourselves as one church among many. Our desire is to labor alongside other churches to see gospel communities in each neighborhood serving its needs and proclaiming the gospel. We are currently partnering with local institutions and churches to prepare church planters to be sent out to start new churches in Portland.

Launching Gospel Communities Cohort

The goal of this cohort is to equip leaders to go and start new gospel communities in new areas of the city. This is a seven-week process that takes a potential leader through a process of exploring calling, giftedness and preparedness. It then moves into understand the leaders’ mission&neighborhood and what kind of gospel community would best serve. Lastly, each leader would prepare a short action plan and vision outline to share with others. You do not have to be part of Bread&Wine to participate. // Learn more  [email protected]