Disciplines of Grace

Guided Contemplation of Creation

STEP 1:   Choose some object to focus your attention upon.  Notice its features, think about where it came from and what allows it to be (did someone make it? What is it made of?  What shaped it into the form I am experiencing now? How much human collaboration did it take to bring it to me at this moment?  Is it naturally occurring? What are the processes in nature that have brought this moment to me? etc.).  What would it mean for this thing to not be?  Why does it exist at all?  Pay attention to the details of it and the wonder of its existence.    

STEP 2:  Turn your attention to your experience of the thing.  What are the sensations you are having in noticing it?  What feelings is it generating?  How are you related to it?  Note your experiences as you are having them (wonder, delight, fascination, curiosity, humor, lament, confusion, fear, etc.). 

STEP 3:  Turn your attention to the source of the thing.  Think about how not just it, but all the things that allow it to be are being held in being by God.  Listen to it declare the glory of God.  Think about His love that allows the thing to be and that longs for its restoration to perfection.