What is Lent?

Lent is a 40-day pilgrimage of the soul in the wilderness of sin and repentance through the shadow of death toward the hope of resurrection. Coming to terms with our vulnerability involves giving our attention to the wounds of living as a sinner in a broken world. During Lent, we intentionally identify with Jesus’ death for us through fasting and prayer in order to die to all the false promises of this world which claim to give life. In doing so we experience the unique power of Jesus to make us truly alive in the power of his resurrection. This Lenten season we will focus our meditations on the meaning of Christ’s work on earth – at onement. Reconciliation. The unification of all things in the God Who is love.

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Traditionally, Lent is a time when we fast, or give things up. When we deny ourselves familiar comforts, we learn something powerful about our weaknesses, our needs, and our deepest longing for God. Fasting is a tangible, physical activity that points to our spiritual longing to be rooted in Jesus alone and our true comfort and joy in him. Consider how you might meaningfully engage in the discipline of fasting this Lenten season as a supplement to this season of prayer and Scripture reading. Don’t worry about whether or not your sacrifice is a good one. It’s not a contest. Just make your aim to smoke out these deadly vices through your self-denial and allow the Spirit to lead you into the mercy of Christ.