The sermon on the mount is the heart of Jesus’ teaching, a clear statement of the kind of life he actually lived, a definition of the hope on the other…

Family Update

January 29, 2017
Family Update: Brad and Mirela Watson share how God has led them to move to Los Angeles to help a Soma Church on the Westside.
In the life of Jesus is the story of the world.  All stories begin with creation; not just a beginning but an origin story which fills out the significance of…


December 18, 2016


December 11, 2016


December 4, 2016


November 27, 2016

Acts of the Holy Spirit

November 20, 2016
The Christian faith says that the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is the hope of the world because in those things God regains his righteous rule over a fractured…


November 13, 2016
All of our stories are littered with the grief of endings.  At the conclusion of the book of Acts, Paul comes to what he believes could be the end of…


November 6, 2016
Where is God in the shipwreck, the chaos, and the calamity? How is he good? How is he in control. By putting ourselves under the word in the story of…


October 30, 2016
Many times the stories we find in the Scriptures, the narratives, the details, expose questions more than answers. In this passage, we see Paul moving to and from trails, within a…


October 9, 2016
The current election year has proved to be massively disturbing for anxious Christians of all political persuasions. But in the book of Acts the power to disturb and disquiet went…


October 2, 2016


September 25, 2016
Throughout the book of Acts the Holy Spirit was doing spectacular things through the church, which may leave us with the impression that the lives of early disciples were entirely…


September 11, 2016
Portland is a city reputed for its skeptical rejection of religion in comparison with the rest of the country; but not all skeptics are created equal.  There are at least…


September 4, 2016
Early Christians were very persuasive.  Just a handful of disciples in the 1st C. ultimately persuaded 33 million people to follow Jesus by the 4th C. Obviously this was the…
What are gospel communities on mission? Why do we have them in Bread&Wine? What does it require to be in one? We answer these questions in this short teaching.


August 14, 2016
In Acts 17 the book of Acts will continue to narrow its focus around the ministry of the apostle Paul in fulfillment of Jesus' commission to the disciples to carry…


August 7, 2016
Father Stephen Hall from All Souls Anglican Church in Portland preaches from Genesis 15, teaching on the power and symbolism of God's covenant with us.


July 31, 2016
Does God care about the city? How does the message come? What does it change? In Acts 16 we see how the power of the gospel comes fully to the…