The Essentials is held 3 times a year: Spring, Fall, and Winter. Limited to 5 to 6 attendees, it is a 4 week long, 1hr. and 20 min., story swapping get-together. If we have more than 6 people attending, we will have multiple Essentials Groups happening at the same time. These groups will meet on Sundays at 9am before the gathering, we expect to wrap up prior to the sermon and communion. For about half the time we will be learning each other’s backgrounds. The other half will be spent sharing Bread and Wine’s core beliefs, along with ways one can participate with this local church body.

In week one the attendees will share their past church history experiences and Bread & Wine’s history will be shared. In week two each person will share their core spiritual beliefs (whatever they might be) and Bread & Wine will share its core belief, the gospel message. Week three the attendees will share their past relational experiences with those who have identified themselves as believers and Bread and Wine will share its core teaching on Christian relationships in the community. The fourth week will be dedicated to attendee’s questions and an introduction to the many potential ways one could participate in the local body both relational as well as in outward and inward service.

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