What is a Gospel Community on Mission?

Gospel Communities on Mission in Neighborhoods are the central organizing structure of our church. We come together because of the gospel. We are growing up into a deeper understanding and application of the gospel. We are taking the gospel to the neighborhood/city/world through intentional missional engagement. All of life in Bread & Wine happens in the flow of these intentional communities.

Gospel communities share life together; eat together, pray together and disciple one another as they align their lives with the rhythms of our city to share the gospel with those who don’t know about Jesus.

Gospel communities have regular meals & meetings during the week. However, these communities are much more than a time slot – they are a family of missionary servants who make disciples that make disciples through the flow of everyday life.

Gospel Communities are a diverse group of 10-15 people. In gospel communities you will find young and old, rich and poor, and they are made up of people who have been following Jesus for years and others who still haven’t figured out what they believe about the gospel.

Joining a Gospel Community on Mission

Choosing a gospel community usually comes down to a few factors.

1. Relational connection.

Maybe you have already connected to someone in Bread&Wine and their GC might be a good place to start.

2. Where you live.

It’s always easier to be in community if you don’t have to “commute” to it. 

3. The people a community serves.

Each gospel community has a common area of service they are engaging, whether it is caring for refugees, foster children, recovery and their families, or victims of human trafficking. Many times, people choose to engage a community based on who they are compelled to serve.