DNA Groups

The mission of God is to restore all things to himself in and through the work and person of Jesus Christ. His chosen vehicle through which he is accomplishing that mission is the church. As God restores us to himself, he is also restoring us to be who he intends us to be. This restoring work does not happen in isolation, but rather in and through our relationships with each other as family. We do not do it alone. We need each other.

Interested in joining a DNA group? Express your interest to your gospel community leader and ask them to help you get into a DNA group.

What is a D.N.A. Group?

The term “DNA group” refers to a group that ideally consists of three people – men with men, women with women – who meet together weekly. DNA Groups provide a structure for us to care deeply for one another and to foster growth as disciples of Jesus. DNA is an acronym that reminds of us three key components of discipleship: Discover, Nurture, and Act. The goal is to help one another to discover Jesus in the Scriptures, nurture the truths of the gospel in our hearts, and faithfully act on what the Spirit calls us to do. Our DNA group should be a major factor in our growth as a disciple (Galatians 1:10; 2 Corinthians 5:21).


Led by the Holy Spirit, the group will study the Bible and ask questions about how the Gospel is working in our life. The goal is to teach the head.


Led by the Holy Spirit, the group will repent and believe in the gospel. The goal is to shepherd the heart.


Led by the Holy Spirit, the group will listen and obey as he calls us to bear fruit in keeping with repentance. The goal is to empower the hands.

Resources for Your DNA Group