We believe that all of creation exists to commune with God, but much has been fragmented through sin. But God, the consummate initiator, has reconciled us through Christ and has given us a ministry of reconciliation (2 Cor 5:18). Gospel communities live out the mission of God together by sharing the gospel with others and serving the needs of our city together. Each gospel community is regularly and relationally stepping into their mission to care for those in need and to make disciples.

Practically this looks like ordinary people, living ordinary lives together because of the gospel for the good of the city.

What impact might our lives have on the city and the world? This is what we invision:

  • We see Portland reconciled to God through the work of Jesus.
  • We see our neighborhoods without need.
  • We see the universal flourishing of Portland.
  • We see gospel communities forming in other neighborhoods.
  • We see a growing network of gospel communities that introduce Portland to the Person of Jesus Christ as we love one another and live for the good of the city.
  • We see new churches planted as gospel communities are sent out on mission throughout Portland, North America, and the world.