Disciplines of Grace

Practicing Sabbath

Sabbath is the discipline we engage to learn how to trust and enjoy God. Its also what we do when have learned to trust and enjoy God. Here are some simple “keys” and “tips” to engage this discipline.

4 Keys to Sabbath Rest&Delight

1: The Heart of Sabbath: Resting from your work&worry, and delighting in God and God’s Gifts. Sabbath is about your heart trusting God in your work and your rest.

2: Think about 24hrs, not part-days. Start the sabbath with a meal in the evening and go through to dinner the next day. It doesn’t have to be Saturday or Sunday. 

3: Sabbath is communal, not private. It is familial not individual. Requires family commitment and participation.

4: It Requires Self-Awareness. You are not God or the center of the universe. But the God who is, is the one we’ve waited for and we long to know.

Stepping into Sabbath:

  • Consider and talk as a family about your own resistance, fears, and longings in Sabbath.
  • Decide to try one sabbath, look at your calendar and pick the best day and put it on your calendar. Also, consider what preparations and planning will be necessary to make sure you are able to set aside all work and worry on that Day
  • Plan your Sabbath with Self Awareness:
    • What will we exclude? What activities will you refuse to engage in so that it is truly a day of rest, worship, and delight.
    • What activities bring us delight, and how will we incorporate them? Don’t plan out each moment like an agenda, but have some ideas in hand and then give yourself freedom to play it by ear and improvise.
  • Put the date on the calendar.