August 14, 2016 |

Scripture: Acts 17 | Series:

In Acts 17 the book of Acts will continue to narrow its focus around the ministry of the apostle Paul in fulfillment of Jesus' commission to the disciples to carry the Gospel to Judea and Samaria (primarily among Israelites) to the "outermost parts of the world" (mainly Gentiles).  In increasingly post-modern and post-Christian societies the notion of evangelism is considered offensive, regarded as inappropriate at best and an act of verbal violence at worst.  But the primary reason that it spread to the known world at this time, before it took over the Western world, wasn't through cultural imperialism; it was through persuasion. In this story we learn that trying to persuade people of the Gospel isn't inherently manipulative or arrogant, that motives matter and that our attempts to persuade should always respect the process of the hearer.